Bitrot Detector’s second release is now available! Its main change is significantly-improved performance. Scans are now performed much faster and take less time. Also, with this release, power users can now disable Bitrot Detector from loading itself automatically, and can open Bitrot Detector on a strictly-manual basis. This release is a free update for everyone who has a Bitrot Detector 2016 Release 1 registration key.

Bitrot Detector is a Windows utility that periodically scans your computer’s files and warns you of potentially undesirable changes, in time for you to restore damaged or missing files from a backup.  It is a great companion to just about any backup scheme!

You can download the free/trial version of Bitrot Detector or purchase a registration key ($24) to unlock the full version. A Bitrot Detector / Two-Click Reminder bundle is also available ($27; save $4).