Two-Click Reminder Releases

Here you can obtain Two-Click Reminder’s current release, as well as previous versions.

Version 2014 Release 4 – June 2, 2014

  • [Feature] Improved performance (the pending reminder list is only updated when really necessary).
  • [Feature] The Remind me in, Remind me, and Snooze buttons can now be sorted from the Options tab in the main window.
  • [Feature] Added a button in the About tab to quit the program.
  • [Feature] Snooze buttons can now be reset to their default settings from the Options tab in the main window.
  • [Feature] The Remind me in, Remind me, and Snooze buttons open in edit mode if they were previously set to that mode.
  • [Feature] The number of seconds, minutes, etc. for the Remind me in, Remind me, and Snooze can now be changed with up and down arrows.
  • [Feature] You can now remove a Remind me in, Remind me, or Snooze button.
  • [Feature] Remind me in, Remind me, and Snooze buttons can now be moved up or down in their lists.
  • [Feature] The display mode for the “Remind me at” controls is preserved when the program is closed and reopened.
  • [Feature] Two-Click Reminder now checks weekly for an updated version. (Update checks can be turned off.)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug that caused a recurring reminder to pop up repeatedly after being set, if set with an ending time that already passed.
  • [Bug Fix] The number of buttons displayed on the main window and in the Options -> Time Intervals tab now match.

Version 2014 Release 3 – March 29, 2014

  • [Feature] You can now set recurring reminders! (Available only on the registered version or during the free trial.) You have many options for determining the schedule under which a reminder will redisplay.
  • [Feature] The “Remind me at” fields feature new controls that allow selecting the date from a calendar, and using the arrows to increase or decrease each element of the date or time. (The old controls are still available, and can be switched back to easily.)
  • [Bug Fix] The “Dismiss Highlighted” button in the multiple reminder window is now working correctly.

Version 2014 Release 2 – January 10, 2014

  • [Bug Fix] Reminders that are deactivated through the Pending Reminders list (by unchecking them) are now correctly deactivated. (A bug introduced in version 2014 release 1 kept them from being correctly deactivated.)

Version 2014 Release 1 – January 6, 2014

  • [Feature] A multiple reminder window “catches” and displays unacknowledged reminders, to keep from having a ton of reminder windows pile up.
  • [Feature] If there are reminder windows onscreen, and Two-Click Reminder crashes or the computer is shut down, these reminders will be redisplayed when TCR starts. (In other words, reminders that weren’t explicitly acknowledged will be redisplayed.)
  • [Feature] The pending reminder list in the main window can now be sorted according to any of its columns.

Version 2013 Release 3 – October 3, 2013

  • [Feature] The times for the snooze buttons in the reminder window can now be customized.
  • [Feature] The reminder window was resized, to a smaller, less overpowering size, though still with room for showing many reminders’ full text.
  • [Feature] Reminder windows now display in front of other windows in most situations.
  • [Feature] The reminder window’s size can be customized. It can be set to the a specific size, to retain its last size, or to use the default size.

Version 2013 Release 2 – September 13, 2013

  • [Feature] The reminder window is now larger, with more room for displaying a reminder’s text.
  • [Feature] The “OK” button in a reminder window no longer starts out with the focus. This is to keep from accidentally dismissing the window when a reminder comes up while typing.
  • [Feature] The reminder window now includes snooze buttons for quickly resetting a reminder.
  • [Feature] The text in a reminder window can be edited immediately, without having to press the SetAgain button.
  • [Feature] A button on the reminder window allows resetting the reminder’s text, in case it was changed accidentally.

Version 2013 Release 1 – July 24, 2013

  • [Feature] You can have more than 7 “Remind me in” and/or “Remind me” buttons if desired. The number can be easily customized.
  • [Feature] The time intervals from the “Remind me in” and “Remind me” buttons can now be edited directly from the main screen.
  • [Feature] The “Remind me at” fields are initially set to the next upcoming hour, unless a future date and/or time is already in there.
  • [Feature] Afternoon/evening times for today can be specified without the “PM” characters, if the time they would refer to in the morning already passed. For instance, if it’s currently 7 p.m., the hour “10:45” will be automatically interpreted as “10:45 PM” (instead of AM)
  • [Feature] Reordered tab stops so that tabbing from the “Message” field will take you to the “Remind me at..” fields and button, and then to the “Remind me in” and “Remind me” buttons and fields.
  • [Feature] Two-Click Reminder now comes with a new, more helpful set of default time intervals.
  • [Feature] There are now buttons to reset the time intervals to their defaults.
  • [Feature] The main window can now be resized as desired.
  • [Feature] The current time is now displayed nearer to where the reminder’s projected time is displayed.
  • [Feature] Changed version numbering to make it easier to remember.

Version 2012 Release 1 – September 25, 2012

  • [Feature] The layout for the main screen has been redesigned.
  • [Feature] The projected time for a reminder is now much easier to read.
  • [Feature] A wide variety of date and time formats can now be used in the “Remind me at…” fields.
  • [Feature] The way dates and times are displayed is now highly customizable.
  • [Feature] A new set of controls can be used to quickly set a reminder to go off in a given number of time units. (Registered-version feature)
  • [Feature] Changed version numbering to make it easier to remember.

Version 1.5 – August 8, 2011

  • [Feature] The full version of Two-Click Reminder and all its features can now be tried out for 30 days without registering.

Version 1.4 – July 23, 2011

  • [Feature] A system-wide hot key to bring up Two-Click Reminder can now be set. (Default hot key: Windows Key + Z)
  • [Feature] The title bar and taskbar button for reminder windows flashes in order to draw attention to itself. (This can be disabled if desired.)
  • [Feature] The main window and reminder windows can be set to always appear at a particular position (such as the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen).
  • [Feature] Clipboard operations (cut, copy, paste) can now be performed with right-click menu.
  • [Bug Fix] Buttons are now set to custom times (when defined) in the window that shows up when clicking the “Set Again” button for a reminder.

Version 1.3 – June 18, 2011

  • [Feature] A new tab was added to display and edit all the pending, active reminders (and the inactive ones as well, if desired).
  • [Feature] A pending reminder can now be deactivated when desired to keep it from displaying.
  • [Feature] A separate window is used when resetting a reminder (through the “Set Again” button), rather than the main window.
  • [Feature] The current time is now displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the reminder-setting windows.
  • [Feature] The “Remind me at…” fields are no longer automatically set to the next upcoming hour. (This facilitates the creation of multiple reminders with similar times.)
  • [Feature] The installer now displays an option to run Two-Click Reminder after the installation is finished.
  • [Feature] Created a new “Options” tab, placed all options in subtabs under that tab.
  • [Feature] The “Remind me” in buttons are disabled if the time they represent has already passed.
  • [Feature] Each “Remind me” or “Remind me in” button now displays a tool tip with the time corresponding to that button when the mouse is hovered over them.
  • [Feature] Dates and times are displayed in a more easily-read form. (The date is omitted if it corresponds to today, and the words “tomorrow” and “yesterday” are used when appropriate.)
  • [Feature] The “Remind me at” date field now recognizes the terms “today” and “tomorrow”.
  • [Feature] The “Remind me at” fields now offer drop down lists with common options for the dates and times.

Version 1.2 – May 23, 2011

  • [Feature] Added an option to play a sound when a reminder is displayed.
  • [Feature] Running Two-Click Reminder will bring up the main window if the program is already loaded in the System Tray.
  • [Feature] Reminder windows now include a button to set the same reminder again.
  • [Feature] The Enter key can now be used within the “Remind me at…” text fields to set the reminder.
  • [Feature] The installer now prompts to close Two-Click Reminder before proceeding.

Version 1.1 – April 23, 2011

  • [Feature] A precise time and date for a reminder can now be specified.
  • [Feature] The date and time at which a reminder will be shown is now displayed above the message field.
  • [Feature] The Esc key can now be used to dismiss reminder windows, or the main window.
  • [Bug Fix] Reminder windows can now be closed even when the main window is open.

Version 1.0 – March 28, 2011

  • [Feature] Initial version

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