In addition to our paid offerings, we provide a number of additional, free resources.  This section collects these small programs, scripts, documents, and services.

Hourly Hacker News Snapshot

A browsable archive of hourly snapshots of Hacker News‘ front page, going back to mid-2011.  (Hackers News is a crowdsourced news site appealing to the intellectually curious, read mostly by people involved with computing and/or startup companies.)

Sysinternals Suite Installer (program)

An external installation program that creates a Start Menu group for Sysinternals Suite (a set of Microsoft utilities) and icons for its programs.  It also installs the utilities in a Program Files folder (or any folder).

Sysinternals Suite Installer (script)

An InnoSetup script you can customize in order to create your own installer for Sysinternals Suite.

InnoSetup: How to close a running program before reinstalling it (tutorial and script)

A tutorial that shows a way in InnoSetup to close a running program in order to be able to reinstall it (or install a newer version).  There’s also an editable script that you can adapt and use yourself.

How to build Webalizer with all its bells and whistles (tutorial)

An old article with instructions on how to compile Webalizer (a classic web traffic statistics program).

Dalmatian (program)

A program for managing DreamHost announcement lists.


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