Bitrot Detector

Bitrot Detector is a Windows utility that…

  • Periodically scans your computer’s folders (all of them or the ones you select)
  • Generates fingerprints for each file’s contents (256-bit SHA-2 hashes)
  • Detects changes made to your files since the last scan
  • Lets you review changed files, and take note of changes that need to be dealt with
  • Helps you identify and recover from hard-to-notice data loss
Bitrot Detector Logo

Bitrot Detector works best as a complement to your backup system of choice. Many people only turn to their backups after catastrophic loss (a hard drive crash, losing a computer, etc.) With Bitrot Detector, you can use your backups to undo small losses that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Bitrot Detector is offered both as a free as well as a paid version (with extra features).  The free version includes a 30-day trial of the full version. Check out some screenshots.

You can download the free version of Bitrot Detector or purchase a registration key ($24) to unlock the full version. A Bitrot Detector / Two-Click Reminder bundle is also available ($27; save $4).

Or from if you prefer



Bitrot Detector by itself


Bundled with Two-Click Reminder (Save $4)

With the full version you can 1) highlight scans and/or mark them as reviewed, 2) highlight individual folder/file scans and/or mark them as reviewed, 3) hide empty categories in scan results, 4) create more than 5 scan profiles, 5) sponsor Bitrot Detector’s continued development and help it become an even better tool (thanks to your purchase).

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