Dalmatian stands for the DreamHost Announcement List Management ApplicaTIoN.  It is a freeware Windows application which helps you easily manage your DreamHost announcement lists.

Dalmatian was created for the crazy DreamHost API contest.  It had the honor of being selected as the second place winner.

Dalmatian runs on Windows 2000 and higher.  You can download the latest release from the following location:

Dalmatian 0.3.0 – June 17, 2009

Release History

Dalmatian 0.3.0 June 17, 2009 Can now post announcements to lists.
Dalmatian 0.2.0 June 10, 2009 New user-interface features and various improvements.
Dalmatian 0.1.0 June 5, 2009 Re-released with an installation program.
Dalmatian 0.1.0 May 31, 2009 Initial release (as a simple ZIP file.)

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