Pin Two-Click Reminder to the Taskbar

Under Windows 7 and higher, it’s much easier to use Two-Click Reminder if you pin it to the Taskbar, or make its icon always show up in the System Tray.

1. Find the Two-Click Reminder icon on your desktop (or in the All Programs section under the Start menu.)

Message field for a reminder

2. Click on the icon, hold down the mouse button, and drag the icon to the Taskbar.  You will see a tooltip that says “Pin to Taskbar“.

3. Release the mouse button.  Two-Click Reminder is now pinned to the taskbar, and you can now open it from here with one click.

Another way to pin Two-Click Reminder to the Taskbar

You can also pin Two-Click Reminder by right-clicking on its icon in the Desktop or under All Programs, finding the line that says “Pin to Taskbar”, and clicking on it.

Or from if you prefer



Two-Click Reminder by itself


Bundled with Bitrot Detector (Save $4)

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