Sysinternals Suite Installer

If you’re a Windows power user or support technician, you may have used the nifty utilities in the Sysinternals Suite.  Unfortunately, Sysinternals Suite is currently distributed without an installer (a feature some of us would really like).  We’ve created an installer which creates a Start Menu group and shortcuts for the utilities in the suite.  Due to the Sysinternals license, the installer does not include Sysinternals Suite itself.  (You’ll have to download it separately.)  You can follow the short instructions at the end of this page to use the installer.

The source for the Inno Setup script used to create the installer is also available (in case you want to compile the installer yourself).

Or from if you prefer

How to use the Sysinternals Suite Installer
  1. Download the Sysinternals Suite zip file (from the Sysinternals Suite page).
  2. Uncompress the zip file.
  3. Download the Sysinternals Suite Installer into the folder containing the uncompressed files.
  4. Run the installer.

(The Sysinternals Suite Installer will typically work just fine even with newer versions of Sysinternals Suite, even when the version number and release date for both differ.  The only exception would be if some Sysinternals utilities are new, have been renamed, or have been deleted since the version to which the installer corresponds.)

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