Sysinternals Suite Installer Script

We’ve created an Inno Setup script which lets you create an installation program for Sysinternals Suite (a powerful set of Windows system utilities distributed without an installer).  The script is available in two versions, bundled or external.  The bundled version creates a traditional installation package, which bundles all the installation file into one executable (currently about 9.6 MiB in size).  The external version creates an unbundled installer (around 290 KiB in size), which can be dropped into a folder containing the Sysinternals Suite utilities and run from there.

If you like, you can also download the external, unbundled installer in compiled, executable form.  (Due to the Sysinternals Suite licensing terms, we cannot provide you with an executable for the bundled version.  You’ll need to build your own bundled installer for your own use.)

How to compile the Sysinternals Suite installation script
  1. Download and install Inno Setup.
  2. Download the Sysinternals Suite zip file (from the Sysinternals Suite page).
  3. Uncompress the zip file.
  4. Download the installation script (bundled or external version) into the folder containing the uncompressed Sysinternals Suite utilities.
  5. Open the installation script with Inno Setup and build the installer.
  6. Run the installer.

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