Bitrot Detector Releases

Here you can obtain Bitrot Detector’s current release, as well as previous versions.

Version 2016 Release 2 ( – September 28, 2016

  • [Feature] The scanning speed has been improved significantly.
  • [Feature] Added a new Options tab in the main window, to which various configuration options will be added.
  • [Feature] Bitrot Detector’s installer is now signed with a code-signing certificate.
  • [Feature] The registration key can now also be pasted by right-clicking on the License Key field and selecting the Paste option.
  • [Feature] Added the option to disable/enable Bitrot Detector from opening itself automatically when you log on to Windows, every 4 hours, and right before the next scheduled scan (if Bitrot Detector is not running at a time).
  • [Change ] On Windows XP, Bitrot Detector will ONLY open itself when you log in to Windows. It will not open itself up every 4 hours, or right before the next scheduled scan.
  • [Change ] Bitrot Detector no longer asks for the Windows password in order to create Task Scheduler tasks under Windows XP.
  • [Bug Fix] The number of skipped files is now stored correctly.

Version 2016 Release 1 ( – June 30, 2016

  • [Feature] Initial, official release!
  • [Bug Fix] Scan Statistics window: The text for some scan categories is now fully displayed (was formerly truncated).
  • [Bug Fix] Scan Statistics window: The scan finish time will display when the scan is finished.

Version 2016 Release 1 Beta ( (Second beta, release candidate) – June 6, 2016

  • [Feature] Improved performance when scanning folders with a lot of files.
  • [Feature] Reorganized the statistics for better readability.
  • [Feature] New files and folders have a separate category, instead of being counted as items whose existence has changed.
  • [Feature] The content of a file or folder that exists again is compared with the last existing instance of that file or folder (instead of counting its content as having gone to zero when it disappeared).
  • [Feature] Various user interface improvements.
  • [Feature] Moved the “General statistics” section from the main screen to the About tab.
  • [Feature] Bitrot Detector now has a new logo!
  • [Bug Fix] Program no longer crashes when scanning files whose extensions are not included in the scan profile.
  • [Bug Fix] Files that change into folders and folders that change into files are now included in the “Existence changed” and the “Existence or content changed” statistics.

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