Hourly Hacker News Snapshot

The Hourly Hacker News Snapshot is an archive of hourly snapshots of the Hacker News front page.  There are snapshots from September 2010 an onwards.

In addition to navigating the archive from the main page (hhn.domador.net), you can manually hack the URL to retrieve a specific snapshot.  For instance, the snapshot corresponding to July 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. can be found at http://hhn.domador.net/2011/07/05/09.  Hours are expressed in the 24-hour format.  The snapshot times correspond to Pacific Time (UTC-08 / PST or UTC-07 / PDT).

Another way to browse the snapshots is by month.  The innermost folders under hhn.domador.net/source group all the snapshots for any given month in an individual folder.

The most-recent hourly snapshot can be viewed at hhn.domador.net/current


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