Domador Software is a small software-development company.  Our main programs are Bitrot Detector and Two-Click Reminder, two handy utilities (currently available only on Windows).

We also offer additional resources that are geared more toward software developers rather than general audiences or power users. One of them is the Database Encryptor/Decryptor for SQLite (Windows).  Another one is the Window Placement and Screen Extensions for Xojo (Win/Mac/Linux).    The Sysinternals Suite Installer can help you quickly install Sysinternals Suite (a Microsoft product).  Also, we offer an archive, an hourly snapshot of the Hacker News front page.

Bitrot Detector Logo

Bitrot Detector

periodically scans your files and warns you of potentially undesirable changes, in time for you to restore damaged files from a backup.

Two-Click Reminder Logo

Two-Click Reminder

lets you quickly set reminders for small, upcoming tasks.

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