On May 23, 2011, Domador Software released Two-Click Reminder 1.2.
This new version provides the option to play a sound when a reminder
is displayed. A default sound is provided, but you can replace it
with a custom file of your choosing.

A button has been added to reminder windows to let you redisplay the
reminder at a later time.

Finally, Two-Click Reminder now checks to see if it’s already running
when you open it up. If it’s already running, the main window is
displayed. Now, in addition to clicking on the Two-Click Reminder
icon in the System Tray, you can bring up the main window by clicking
on a Two-Click Reminder shortcut on your desktop, pinned to the
Taskbar, in your Quick Launch menu, or from the Start menu (provided
you have previously placed a Two-Click Reminder shortcut in such

The new version can be downloaded from the main Two-Click Reminder