The Bitrot Detector Beta Test Initiative

(Current Status: Inactive. Please send us an email if you wish to be considred for future tests.)

Domador Software S.R.L. is looking for around 100 volunteers for the Bitrot Detector Beta Test Initiative.  Volunteers will test and provide feedback about Domador Software’s latest Windows program, Bitrot Detector.  In exchange for their services, each volunteer will receive a registration key for the full version of Bitrot Detector (a $24 value).

Participation Process

To participate, you need to…

  1. Send an email to with your name and a request to participate in the Bitrot Detector Beta Test Initiative.
  2. Download and install Bitrot Detector 2016 Release 1 Beta.
  3. Agree with Bitrot Detector’s EULA (End User License Agreement), included with the installation program.
  4. Use Bitrot Detector over the course of 3 to 4 weeks.
  5. Answer some questions about your experience with Bitrot Detector.  (A form will be emailed to you.)

Anyone can download and try out Bitrot Detector’s beta version, but only approved applicants will receive a registration key after answering our questions about their experience.

Please visit the main Bitrot Detector page to learn more about this program.

Differences Between the Beta and Official Releases

There will likely be a few differences between the beta version and Bitrot Detector’s official release:

  • The placement of some user interface elements may change.
  • Other cosmetic changes may take place.
  • There may be a few minor usability improvements in the official release.

Beta Test Questions

Beta testers will be asked to answer the following questions.  (Questions with an asterisk are completely optional.)

  1. What version of Windows do you use?
  2. Do you use a backup system or service to back up your files?
  3. * Which backup system / service do you use?
  4. * How often do you perform a backup?
  5. How difficult was it to install Bitrot Detector (on a scale of 1…5)?
  6. How difficult was it to set up a scan profile on Bitrot Detector (1…5)?
  7. * How many scan profiles did you set up?
  8. Did you experience any problems using the program?  If so, what where they?
  9. Were you annoyed or confused by any aspects of the program?  If so, what annoyed/confused you?
  10. * How useful is this program to you (1…5)?
  11. Do you have any additional feedback for us?
  12. * Possible additional questions, yet to be determined (all of them optional)

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