Software Customization

We offer customization services for most of the scripts and programs on this site.  We can help you configure a program to accomplish what you intend.  You can also request the addition of new features to a program.  Customization and development fees are determined based on the complexity of the task.  A base rate of $25 (USD) per hour is currently used for estimates.  A flat rate of $15 (USD) will be used for very short customization projects (estimated to take less than half an hour.)  Please contact us to describe what you need and to obtain a price quote.

New features added to our programs may eventually be released in public versions (if they line up with those versions’ design goals.)  Your assistance in funding the development of new features will be greatly appreciated, both by us and by other users.

Account names, passwords, and other private credentials specific to your personalized installation of a program are exclusively yours and will never be released to anyone else.  Unless you request otherwise, we will show you where to insert such information, in order to eliminate or reduce our own exposure to it.

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