Domador Software's Window Placement and Screen Extensions seamlessly extend Xojo objects of Window and Screen classes/subclasses, and provide helpful methods for positioning, dimensioning, and obtaining/setting Screen and Window properties.

You can freely download and test the Window Placement and Screen Extensions in debug builds, from the Xojo IDE.  A license key is required in order to use these extensions in compiled applications.  License keys are currently available at an introductory price of $22 (total, for both modules).  In addition to the license key, you'll get a year of access to updated versions of this library.

The documentation for the Window Placement and Screen Extensions is available on this site, and also within the modules themselves.

We will soon be releasing additional extensions and custom classes for Xojo.  Please check back ocassionally, or subscribe to our mailing list / RSS feed and stay informed about new offerings.  You can also follow us on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook.


Download the Window Placement and Screen Extensions

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View the Window Placement Extensions documentation

View the Screen Extensions documentation

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